Milton Keynes Children's Contact Centre MKCCC

Welcome to Milton Keynes Children's Contact Centre

What is a Child Contact Centre?

A Child Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place, where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents and when appropriate, other family members. It is a child centre environment that puts the needs of the children first.

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Who runs MKCCC?

MKCCC is run by a team of volunteers, headed by a volunteer administrator, who have been through the Criminal Records Bureau (police) check. We are impartial and can only offer "supported" contact and not "supervised" contact.

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How do I get started?

Use of the Milton Keynes Children's Contact Centre is by referral only.

The referral can be made by a parent, solicitor, family mediator, CAFCASS officer, social worker or by a court order. The person making the referral prepares a referral form and sends it by email, along with the £20 administration fee paid by bank transfer, to the Contact Centre Administrator who processes the referral; carries out a risk assessment; allocates a place; makes arrangements for the resident parent to make a “pre-visit” and sends out information regarding the start date.

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